So, How’d You Get That Shot?”

Answer: A Smart Phone or Tablet!

PT Reyes Wreck_bow


The general scene…

Not long ago I was conducting my workshop out at one of my favorite locations, Point Reyes National Seashore. One of the first places I take folks is to this old boat, aptly named the “Point Reyes”. I have been photographing this old boat for more than 20 years now and since 2018, it has been disintegrating rapidly. I fear it won’t be long before it is no longer photogenic nor a good teaching tool. I will sincerely miss this “The Old Girl” when the time comes.
The reason I take folks to this location is to discuss various techniques such as composition and looking for textures, shapes, and tonalities. All integral parts of making an image.

As I was talking about this my client was having a somewhat difficult time “seeing” what I was talking about. Which is to say exactly why we were here! Recently I discovered the usefulness of my iPhone as a learning tool in the field. In fact now I WIFI my client’s images to either my phone or iPad to instantly critique images in the field real time…

In an attempt to “show” what I was talking about, I made an image using my iPhone 6. I did a quick edit in the phones’ app and showed it to him and “Boom!” he saw what I was talking about. Literally, within seconds, the concept was delivered.
The rest of the day was fantastic! I watched him make incredible images and gained a faithful client whom I happily consider more a “Friend”

You can use your Smartphone or Tablet as a great “in the field” tool to not only help you envision a scene but capture a great image too!
Using a handy tool (smartphone)…Taken and edited with an iPhone 6….


Note all the objects of the lesson: Shapes, textures, and tonality…