Private Photography Lesson - "Creative Seascapes" at Pescadero area

The area along the San Mateo coast features many tidepools and rock formations with amazing patterns, shapes, and textures. We will be visiting several locations in this area concentrating on this unique geologic area.

This Session will concentrate on composition, enhancing observational skills and being creative. We'll be looking for and making both realistic and surrealistic compositions.

We will utilize various exposure and focus settings, filters, close-up and wide-angle perspectives. Bring your Smartphone or Tablet to quickly field edit your images.


Working knowledge of your camera's settings and operational controls. You should also have a complete "kit" including lenses, filters, and tripod, etc...


  • A digital camera with manual controls.
  • Tripod - good and sturdy (might be windy)
  • Graduated Neutral density filters - 1, 2 & 3 stop soft edge
  • 8 to 10 stop neutral density filter for long exposures
  • Circular Polarizing filter
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Zoom lens 70-200 to isolate compositions
  • Lens cloths (multiple)
  • Wide hat (for your head and to shield lens)
  • Shoes for wading (optional)

Note: Weather will not be considered an issue unless it's at danger levels. We don't let a bit of rain, fog or wind bother us.

$350.00 6 hours