Practical Photography Exercises - 8 hours

Enjoy a full day of putting your photography skills to work. We will visit beautiful locations where John will show you how to put your ever-advancing skills to the test. All in a fun day of photography!

This is a great course for those who have been away from photography for a while

A selection of course topics tailored to your needs can include:

  • Basic controls & settings (RAW vs JPEG; color space etc…)
  • Practical application of modes – Aperture, Shutter, Manual, Auto
  • Exposure and the Histogram (How to read the histogram)
  • Metering (Full, Centered & Spot – What do the settings mean and when to use them)
  • Focusing techniques
  • Adjusting exposure relating to the aperture, shutter speed and ISO (EV Metering)
  • Depth of field
  • Basic understanding of light
  • Filters
  • The Zone System
  • Bracketing & HDR exposures
  • Composition
  • Advanced working with light (shapes, patterns, contrast)
  • Planning your photo for editing
  • Trip and Image planning

Suggested Locations:


  • Bring your "kit". If I have something you don't, and it fits your gear, you can use it.

$450.00 8 hours