Gift Certificate – Zoo Photography Workshop


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Gift Certificate – Zoo Photography Workshop


The Zoo is a great place to practice wildlife photography before heading out into the open local wildlands or African safaris. We’ll go over the various camera settings and techniques needed to get great images.

It’s one thing though to look at the animals as a whole, I mean we all know what a Giraffe or Elephant looks like…but have you ever looked closely at a Giraffe’s eyelashes or isolated an Elephants eye? How about close-ups of a bird’s feathers or other fine details of an animal’s hide? If you enjoy abstract photography you can go crazy breaking down these fine details of nature.

Join me for a five-hour session at either the San Francisco or Oakland Zoo. In addition to seeing in a different way, I will help you with proper camera settings and photographic techniques. This is a great setting for learning wildlife photography in the field as well.

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