Artistic Seascapes

Who doesn’t love the ocean with its constant dynamic of the waves and weather as it relentlessly interacts with our coastline? Let’s do Artistic Seascapes!

Whether it’s a beautiful sunny day with calm seas or a clearing storm with waves battering the coast without mercy, there is always something new and different. Nothing is ever the same…

Personally, I love the drama of clouds and heavy surf and the battle between the ocean and land. Black & white (my favorite) or color images. Each has its own value. You make your own…

As you explore your talent, I will help guide you to the perfect shot. You select your composition, and I will help you hone it to perfection.

Join me for a day on the coast. We’ll use various tools and techniques to make creative images of one of Mother Nature’s great shows.

Sessions will be held at several locations along our northern section of the California coast.

Gift Certificate – Creative Seascapes Photography Workshop


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