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The above image was made using an iPhone 7 Plus, handheld, edited & straight from the iPhone

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Basic & Advanced Lessons for the iPhone Camera

My iPhone photography lessons have been wildly successful. Smartphone cameras have become the “go-to” photography tool for everybody and easily the most popular in the world is the iPhone. Over the past few years, I have discovered how useful my iPhone has been not only as a tool during my photography sessions, but in fact, a formidable tool in my own camera arsenal. Many of the images on this website were taken with an iPhone.

As the saying goes, “the best camera is the one you have with you”. Why not have the knowledge and skill to supplement your other photography equipment? As often happens (to me anyway…) a wonderful photo opportunity pops up right in front of you at any moment. The iPhone has a fantastic camera and robust editing software all right there in a handy little package.

Discover how to make stunning images with your iPhone by joining me on any outdoor excursion. Not only will I take you to scenic locations, but you will learn how to use your iPhone camera to the fullest. You’ll be amazed at the editing possibilities all contained in this handy and amazingly capable device.

My iPhone lessons are not just about the iPhone camera. Rather, I teach you how to make beautiful images in the same way I teach using more traditional cameras. There are some things the iPhone can’t do of course compared to more robust camera systems. But make no mistake, the iPhone can produce world-class images when used properly.

Basic Course:   3hrs – for iPhone 6 to current series devices
In this session, we will cover the iPhone’s own capabilities while making scenic outdoor compositions. We will do editing right there in the field. No accessories needed, although a tripod and attachment to hold your iPhone can be especially useful.

  • Field Composition training including:
  • Exposure adjustment
  • High dynamic range
  • Live View (for long exposures)
  • Burst mode
  • Panoramic imaging horizontal/vertical
  • Special Effects – long exposure, time-lapse, filters
  • Editing while in the field – Using your iPhones internal features: Adjustments for light, shadows, black & white, saturation

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Using Adobe “Lightroom CC” on your iPhone

for 10 to current series iPhones running iOS 13 and later

Save your iPhone images as “RAW” files!

As a professional photographer, I use a pro-body DSLR and have hundreds of thousands of images in my library. Since I use my iPhone quite regularly, I decided to bring it into the workflow I have already established. I use Adobe “Lightroom and Photoshop* almost exclusively in my workflow and it serves me well. There are many options, but I’ve settled on these. Recently Adobe introduced Lightroom CC which is their Cloud-based platform for photo editing.

Lightroom CC allows you to capture and edit images from within the app on your iPhone or iPad! The big advantage is your images can be saved as Adobe “DNG” files! That’s right – “digital negatives” right on your phone. This allows for uncompressed RAW files, very important for more freedom in editing than standard compressed “jpeg” image files. Capture your images then automatically upload and sync your them seamlessly to your desktop or laptop for more intensive edits and creativity.

So, when that “moment” pops up or you’re “purposely” using iPhone camera, you can easily bring it into your workflow and make stunning photographs!


Advanced Course:  6hrs – for iPhone 10 to current series devices

In this session, you will learn how to use your iPhone camera while using the Lightroom CC app. From capture, to edit, to synchronizing, with your other devices, we’ll explore many opportunities all while in the field.

Topics include:

  • Using your iPhone camera while in the Lightroom CC app & its many features
  • Editing your photos in Lightroom CC – Adjusting light & color, noise control, geometry, and more
  • Adding detail & special effects, black & white, creative enhancements
  • Sync your photos & edits with your other platforms

*Disclaimer:  I do not work for Adobe nor am I advertising their products. I’m simply a happy client.

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Some Sample iPhone Images