Private Lesson – Creative Seascapes

$350.00 8 hours


Private Lesson – “Creative Seascapes”

The Pacific Ocean, right at our doorstep is a very adventurous place indeed. If you put your mind to it and stay attentive
you’ll quickly realize its full of surprises. Small creatures scurrying across rocks, in and around tide pools to “Things”
swimming just offshore in the surf and beyond. Of course don’t forget those modern day Pterodactyls (Pelicans) flying overhead!
Capture the drama of stormy skies or stunning sunsets and crashing surf along rock outcroppings, sea-stacks and eroded cliffs.
Using various photographic tools you can create images of real life as well as very surreal imagery.
Let your imagination go!

This full day Session will concentrate on composition, enhancing observational skills  (“Seeing”) and being creative. We’ll be looking for and making both realistic and surrealistic compositions.

We will  utilize various exposure and focus settings, filters, close-up and wide angle perspectives. Bring your Smartphone or Tablet to quickly field edit your images.


A working knowledge of your camera’s settings and operational controls


  • Digital camera with manual controls.
  • Tripod
  • Graduated Neutral density filters – 1, 2 & 3 stop soft edge
  • A 10-stop ND filter is highly recommended for surreal image making
  • Circular Polarizing filter