Private Lesson – Composition Techniques – 4 and 8 hour Sessions

Price Varies 4 hours

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Composition Techniques

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This course is divided into two sessions. You can elect to take either session or both, whatever suits your needs.

Generally speaking, the photographic composition is the compiling of elements that create a visual experience. The visual experience can hopefully be pleasing but can also be disturbing and anything in between. It can be true to the moment
or total fantasy. It’s up to you as the “Photographer/Artist”.

A good composition is more than just leading lines, where you place your subject(s) within the image and all the “other rules” that we hear about.

It is important to understand the issues that arise later when you begin processing the image. By paying attention to making a clean image is very important. Making sure there are no unwanted elements interfering with that which you are trying to accomplish.
We have all been disappointed needing to spend hours cleaning the image of branches sticking into the image or realizing that you didn’t clean your lens or sensor. Time-consuming frustrations that mess with your artistic intent.

Both sessions (Part 1 and Part 2) are prioritized on making your photographic composition here it will the absolute priority. You will be shown how to use the tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals.

Each session is conducted “in the field” ensuring real-time solutions to the varied and changing conditions typically encountered.


***Take both Sessions and save $ 50!


Part 1 – Theory and Basic Techniques – 4 hours  $225

  • What makes a great composition – discussion
  • Evaluate the scene for light and tonality
  • Rules “yes or no”
  • Elements – Primary, placement, etc
  • “Strong” compositions
  • Use of “Negative” space
  • Perspective
  • Intent & effectiveness
  • Do’s and Don’ts
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Part 2 – Advanced Techniques – 8 hours  $450
  • Shape, Texture & Tonalities
  • Filters and other tools
  • Pathways to your Main Element of the image
  • Setting up your composition for the Post Editing process
  • How to prevent and solve problems
Suggested Locations:
Select the starting time and location of your choice to get started when you sign up. If you’d like to change the start time it’s no problem. We’ll handle that when John contacts you.

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