SF Zoo Camera Walk August 3 2012

SF Zoo Camera Walk August 3 2012


A nice day with an old friend…

I met Glenn, an old friend and compatriot at the gate. We hadn’t seen each other in years so it was great to catch up and spend the day shooting.

After setting our cameras we were ready to see what we could find.

First stop was the large primate exhibit. The Gorillas were in their yard and they knew the routine. Sometimes posing and at other times acting quite shy and turning their backs in us. The girls were in the “yard” and the kid was running around as kids do. It wasn’t long before the big silverback came out to check over his brood. After his ’rounds’ he went back into the house. Maybe he had the Olympics on or something. I love tying to capture the various expressions the gorillas exhibits. I’m a sucker for applying humanistic attributes to animals and the gorillas didn’t disappoint.

We moved on to the big cat section and saw a Siberian Tiger and a couple of Lions. I was able to catch a pretty good portrait of the “Old Man” just hanging out.

We strolled around leisurely taking a shot here and there. The zoo wasn’t too crowded and with a bit of high fog we had pretty good conditions. After visiting the aviary where Glenn got an eyeful of a rather large Anaconda (he doesn’t like snakes) we finished off at the Lion house.

Before we realized it, the afternoon was upon us and it was time to hit the road and head home.

What a nice day.

Next up: Mini Workshop – August 11th at Point Reyes (click here for more info)