First things first…make sure your Photoshop “Color” settings are correct.

Go to “Edit” scroll to the bottom and select “Color Settings”.  Under “Working Spaces” select either “Adobe RGB 1998” or “ProPhoto” I suggest ProPhoto as it has the largest color space for the finest gradients.

Next Select “Intent:” there I suggest you set the default to “Perceptual” – This sometimes results in a slightly less saturated image. Often imperceptible…but it’s a good default



Next: Now that you are ready to print Go To “File” and scroll down to “Print”. Review the image below and mimic the settings…



Rendering Intent:




Selecting the “Paper Profile” used by the printer. You should familiarize yourself with the paper’s profile abbreviated names. Refer to the below image



Now we’ll select Paper Source in the Printer’s dialog box. Click the words “Print Settings…” in the dark menu below Printer selection.

The white Printer Properties boxes will show up



Select the Paper Size:



Center the Image on the page: