Hard Life

Hard Life

Sometimes we need to pull ourselves back a bit from our frenetic “modern life”…so it is for me when I am in the White Mountains just south and east of Bishop California.

Known for the famous Bristle Cone Pine trees growing at 11,000′ feet elevation, life is harsh. Surprisingly dry…how it survives in the jagged rocks is in and of itself a wonder of nature. This tree is likely only several hundred years old whereas others in the area have been dated to over 5000 years of age. They may grow only a few needles a year…maybe…

Yet in the near distance, no rocks, and instead, dirt, with only scrub brush and a few trees. For me the contrast was amazing.

This scene humbled me…

Note: This image was taken on a bright, sunny, blue-sky day. I elected to create it in black & white to fit the mood and beauty in which I envisioned it.