For the last few years I have been using iPhones as my Smartphone and for making images. It started out simple enough, a snap here and there when visiting friends and such…

But then one day I had an idea. I would use it when scouting locations for workshops and private lessons that I conduct. Sure beats lugging my backpack with gear around. Then I found use for showing clients a visual demo of what we were discussing in the field. It didn’t take long before I was using wifi to transmit images from my clients camera to my phone or iPad for real time review and critique. (My clients love that!). So I really starting finding a real use for the camera both for the convenience and certainly Apple’s product quality.

 Not only are many images on my website produced with my iPhone but I am furthering my own skills so I can pass them along to clients during their training with their DSLR’s.

 Case in point is the photo used in this post. It was captured and edited using only my iPhone 8 plus. I used the native camera “Live” to capture the image as a long exposure and then used the in phone editing software and Lightroom CC to put some final touches on the image. All using the phone!

 Now is it as good as I can do with my Canon 1 series camera, desktop computer and Photoshop – probably not, but it’s definitely usable for my purposes.

I believe it won’t be long before technology steers us away from the large DSLR’s to tools such as the smartphone or something like it . It’s already occurring with the mirrorless and other more diminutive cameras. Don’t get me wrong the big guns will be around for awhile but I believe in more specialized circumstances going forward.

BTW  do you see the little sea lion taking a nap?

Till next time…Happy Shootin’