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Photography Lessons & Workshops

Photography coaching & guide services for individuals and small groups

Private Lessons

Sometimes we just want to have someone show us the “how to” of photography. I always learn better by doing rather than reading and I know many of you do too. Beacuse my private sessions are tailored specifically to you, they are more relevant and  comprehensive especially since you have my complete attention. We will cover the many aspects of outdoor photography at a pace most comfortable for you.

Visit my Private Lessons page for more information on topics and session availability.

Photography Workshops

These are “field workshops” with small groups of no more than six photographers. My first priority is to get you to the best locations at the best times to capture stunning images. Second is to assist you in the techniques required to get those images. Since the best light is typically in the morning or afternoon, and depending on the workshop, we are often up well before sunrise and photograph until after sunset. Sometimes we go well into the night!  During break times we will discuss and review our images and I will offer critique and suggestions for editing.

Visit my Workshops page for more information on topics and session availability.

Post workshop/private session

Image review, critique, editing suggestions and techniques are always included with my workshops. I’m always available to my clients. We can even do live (over internet) editing sessions from my studio to your home via Skype.

Groups are limited to only 6 participants ensuring a quality and relaxed experience. With less pressure you have more time for your artistic creativity.

If you’d like to learn how it’s done or simply need a guide to safely get you there and back you should definitely contact me!

Private Lessons:

  • Personalized coaching
  • Basic to advanced
  • Customize to your needs
  • We work at your pace
  • Convenient scheduling

Small Group Workshops

  • Six participants maximum
  • Extensive cirriculum
  • Comfortable pace
  • Group camaraderie

Post Workshop Benefits

  • All Live-Online
  • Image critique
  • Editing assistance
  • Photoshop techniques
  • Lightroom techniques

Topics Covered

  • Using only Manual Controls
  • How to use Natural Light
  • RAW vs JPEG files
  • Composition
  • Depth of Field
  • Hyper-focal & Focus Stacking
  • High Dynamic Range
  • How to “See” in Black & White
  • When & how to use filters
  • Conceptualization
  • Plan images for future editing
  • Using Smartphones and Tablets
  • Composite image building
  • Making panoramic images
  • Equipment selection

Sessions Offered

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Waterfall techniques - Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra

Private Lessons


rock formation slow motion water beach black white

Bean Hollow Beach California

Creative Seascape Workshop


Merced River - Yosemite

Merced River – Yosemite

iPhone Photography Courses


Macro of Flower

Poppy Flower

Macro Techniques

Coming Soon…

Mc Clure's beach - Point Reyes

Mc Clure’s beach – Point Reyes

Point Reyes NS Workshop


Siberian Tiger - Captive

Siberian Tiger – Captive

Zoo Workshop


Frequent Questions

What people are saying…

I had a day-long photography workshop with John in Point Reyes and I must say that it was the best photography instruction that I have ever had. John is a very knowledgeable, attentive, dedicated, gentle, passionate, and generous instructor. He met me at my level of expertise and throughout the day helped me to significantly improve both my technical and artistic skills. John also struck the right balance between giving direct instruction and providing ample time for practice in the different environments that Point Reyes affords. It was really a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Thank you, John!

Jaime N., PhD

Berkeley, CA

I wanted to surprise my wife with a private photography lesson and a friend referred me to John. This was a great experience start to finish. John was very communicative in scheduling and leading up to our scheduled lesson. He’s a great guy and easy to work with and my wife learned a lot. I’d recommend John to anyone…a beginner looking to understand the basics or an experienced photographer looking to hone one particular skill, John can give them what they’re looking for.

Steve F.

San Francisco

“I spent a photo-day with John at Point Reyes and it was an extremely well spent day. His photo shoot locations resulted in some very remarkable pictures, the discussions had me starting with new techniques. I can see a clear difference between the pictures taken before and after the shoot. If ever I am in the ‘neighborhood’, the first thing I will do is to check out with John for another opportunity to join him.”

Menno G,


I had a wonderful morning with John. He was extremely knowledgeable and broke things down in a way that helped me learn. Not only did I come away with more confidence, but john taught in a way that really got me excited about shooting. John was fun and had some great stories! I could have hung out with him all day.

Taylor F.

San Francisco