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Private Photography Lessons

Learn & Master your craft…

Sometimes we just want to have someone show us the “how-to” of photography. I always learn better by doing rather than reading and I know many of you do too.

From day 1 of owning your camera to advanced topics and planning your photo trips, you should take a look at the sessions I offer. We can cover a lot of ground.

Because my private sessions are tailored specifically to you, as such, they are more relevant and comprehensive especially since you have my complete attention. We will cover the many aspects of photography at a pace most comfortable for you.

When you select a session you can: pick a convenient date, location, even specify particular subjects. Best efforts are made to make learning convenient for you.

Visit my Private Lessons page for more information on topics and session availability.

Periodically I also do small group Workshops for up 6 individuals.

Visit my Workshops page for more information on topics and session availability.

Learning your camera  

Learn how to set up your camera. From image formats, color space, and all the controls.

The Exposure triangle

Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO. It’s all about controlling Light…


If your Composition is the song…sing it well.

There is an incredible difference between a snapshot and a work of Art.

Here is where you learn the difference…

Advanced Techniques

It all comes together here. Whether this is the “next step” in your journey or revisiting an old passion, you’ll love what we do here…


This is where you decide a direction…let’s start your journey!


I did the iPhone Advanced course with John. Although there is a plethora of information on the internet, having John show me in real life, using my iPhone’s camera with the Lightroom CC App, how to “make” photographs was amazing! Coordinating it with my other photography with Lightroom is a breeze. Going forward I can create an amazing image immediately with the camera in my pocket! Money well spent…
Roger L., Sausalito

Roger L.

Sausalito, CA

I wanted to surprise my wife with a private photography lesson and a friend referred me to John. This was a great experience start to finish. John was very communicative in scheduling and leading up to our scheduled lesson. He’s a great guy and easy to work with and my wife learned a lot. I’d recommend John to anyone…a beginner looking to understand the basics or an experienced photographer looking to hone one particular skill, John can give them what they’re looking for.

Steve F.

San Francisco

I had a wonderful morning with John. He was extremely knowledgeable and broke things down in a way that helped me learn. Not only did I come away with more confidence, but John taught in a way that really got me excited about shooting. John was fun and had some great stories! I could have hung out with him all day.

Taylor F.

San Francisco

I had a day-long photography workshop with John in Point Reyes and I must say that it was the best photography instruction that I have ever had. John is a very knowledgeable, attentive, dedicated, gentle, passionate, and generous instructor. He met me at my level of expertise and throughout the day helped me to significantly improve both my technical and artistic skills. John also struck the right balance between giving direct instruction and providing ample time for practice in the different environments that Point Reyes affords. It was really a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Thank you, John!

Jaime N., PhD

Berkeley, CA

“I spent a photo-day with John at Point Reyes and it was an extremely well spent day. His photo shoot locations resulted in some very remarkable pictures, the discussions had me starting with new techniques. I can see a clear difference between the pictures taken before and after the shoot. If ever I am in the ‘neighborhood’, the first thing I will do is to check out with John for another opportunity to join him.”

Menno G,


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Information on photography topics; discussions, tips and more…

Hard Life

Hard Life

Sometimes we need to pull ourselves back a bit from our frenetic "modern life"...so it is for me when I am in the White Mountains just south and east of Bishop California. Known for the famous Bristle Cone Pine trees growing at 11,000' feet elevation, life is harsh....



For the last few years I have been using iPhones as my Smartphone and for making images. It started out simple enough, a snap here and there when visiting friends and such...  But then one day I had an idea. I would use it when scouting locations for workshops and...

“I love you, you old Boat!”  I really do…

“I love you, you old Boat!” I really do…

Out in the little hamlet of Inverness California, behind an old market, sits an old fishing boat aptly named the "Point Reyes". When I first laid eyes on her back in early 2001 she showed signs of neglect and to the untrained eye looked like she could...

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