pacific ocean view from Mt Tamalpais

Private Photography Lessons

Learn & Master your craft…

Offering private outdoor photography lessons in the greater San Francisco Bay area, join me for a fun and informative session tailored to you.

I always learn better by “doing” rather than reading or just watching a video and I know many of you do as well. Sometimes we just need to have someone show us the “how-to” of photography. Learn tips, techniques and the “wow, I didn’t think of that”, suggestions which can accelerate your photography, are of substantial benefit and often priceless.

From day ‘one’ of owning your camera to advanced topics and planning your photo trips, you should consider the sessions I offer. We can cover a lot of ground. Not only will you gain valuable experience, but you’ll also likely save money going forward in your journey.

Because my private sessions are tailored specifically to you, as such, they are more relevant and comprehensive since you have my complete attention. We will cover the many aspects of photography at a pace most comfortable for you.

When you select a session, you can: pick a convenient date, location, even specify interesting subjects. Best efforts are made to make learning convenient for you.

Visit my Private Lessons page for more information on topics and session availability.

Learning your camera

Learn how to set up your camera. From image formats, color space, and all the controls.

The Exposure triangle

Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO. It’s all about controlling Light…


If your Composition is the song…sing it well.

There is an incredible difference between a snapshot and a work of Art.

Here is where you learn the difference…

Advanced Field Techniques

It all comes together here. Whether this is the “next step” in your journey or revisiting an old passion, you’ll love what we do here…



This is where you decide a direction…let’s start your journey!

News And Events

Information on photography topics; discussions, tips and more…

“Gotta have those megapixels…” Really?

Recently a camera was announced as having 64-megapixels. 64 MEGAPIXELS!!!! Each RAW image will be 64 megabytes – are you kidding me? Oh, I’d love to have one… but…

Schulman grove white mountains california

Hard Life

Sometimes we need to pull ourselves back a bit from our frenetic “modern life”…so it is for me when I am in the White Mountains just south and east of Bishop California. Known for the famous Bristle Cone Pine trees growing at 11,000′ feet elevation, life is harsh….


For the last few years, I have been using iPhones as my Smartphone and for making images. It started out simple enough, a snap here and there when visiting friends and such…  But then one day I had an idea. I would use it when scouting locations for workshops and…

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